Elected in 2017 State Convention:


State Chair Bryce Hamilton

State 1st Vice Chair Ken Pearson

State 2nd Vice Chair Reed Miller

Secretary Valerie Fauver

Treasurer Sherry Phipps


We give our Congratulations, Thanks, and Support to our new State Party Officers!


Nominations (from the minutes of Eric Wright):

State Chairman Nominations

– Bryce Hamilton (Elected)

– Gary Welch

1st Vice Chair

– Kirk Pearson (Elected)

– Gary Welch

– Jonathan Girard

2nd Vice Chair

– Gary Welch

– Reed Miller

– Sam Pew

– Jonathan Girard


– Jennifer Doud

– Sam Pew

– Eric Wright

– Valerie Fauver


– Frank Fluckiger

– Sherry Phipps