Dear Friends of Liberty,

Much has happened in the month or so since we sent a newsletter in October. We mostly won our legal battle against the state, there has come and gone another National Committee Meeting, the municipal elections are over, and we are gearing up for next year’s election cycle, the primaries of which will be governed in a rather different manner than was the case in times past.

Previously, you probably received an email giving details about the Constitution Party of Utah’s legal battle with the State of Utah over Senate Bill 54, which was passed in the 2014 legislative session, and the situation for the Party after that suit has been mostly resolved. That letter was first intended to be a part of this present newsletter, but owing to its length, the Executive Committee directed that it be sent out separately, which has been done. So, we won’t recap that here, other than to say that the court ruled in our favor on the main issue, which was also a major benefit to the Republican Party, though they didn’t actually have a motion before the court, and so essentially made their gains by riding our coattails to victory in the summary judgement hearing on October 27th. Prior to the Judge’s decision being issued on November 3rd, we were happy to give our leave for the court to extend the decision to include them, as well.

The National Committee Meeting was held in Albuquerque on the 30th and 31st of October. Several resolutions and bylaws changes were considered. To the best of my recollection, only one bylaw change passed, and that one was mostly a formality, as it merely moved one paragraph from one section to another. But there was created a committee to review the national constitution and bylaws, and recommend needed changes prior to the next meeting of the national committee, which will be held in April, immediately after the nominating convention. That will be in Salt Lake City, by the way. And aside from choosing a presidential candidate, officers of the national committee will also be elected.

Now that the Constitution Party of Utah is safe from any imminent and immediate danger posed by Senate Bill 54, we need to take stock of the upcoming election. If we are so fortunate as to recoup our attorney’s fees now that the suit against SB54 is concluded (a prospect that is quite likely, though not Constitution Party of Utah quite a done deal by any means), we should be going into the 2016 election cycle in pretty good shape. Our most immediate task in preparation for the election season is to study the various constituencies around the state and consider which of them we may make the biggest difference in. We will be considering demographics of the registered voters, geographical size of the various districts, incumbents and other contenders against whom our candidates would have to run, the likely monetary cost of running a credible campaign, and of course, whom we might recruit for candidates ourselves.

During the municipal elections just concluded, we were heartened to see how the lone efforts of one candidate paid off. Jeff Orme, who currently serves as chairman of the Party in Salt Lake County, contended for a place on the Sandy City Council. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Orme didn’t have much in the way of a “war chest,” nor did he have a lot of help. In fact, I am not sure he had any help at all. And although he didn’t win a seat on the council, nevertheless he did gain a respectable 20% plus of the votes. The Party will doubtless be well served to take the insights and wisdom gained during Mr. Orme’s candidacy, and impart them to others who step forward to carry our banner in the upcoming election. Watch for further developments in this regard.

The decision was made during last State Executive Committee meeting (on November 14th) to make a bigger push towards gaining a credible on-line presence. The project has been ongoing for a while, and we have for the last few months been working with a company in SLC, with the goal of “coming into the 90’s,” as it were, with regard to our website and our email and online communications. We intended to have this project concluded a couple of months ago, but the changes we needed to make were more extensive than we at first thought. Consequently, the results are not yet visible, though we have great hopes that they might begin to show by mid-December.

One part of our digital online presence we do have in hand is Mail Chimp templates for our emails. We just got our hands on them, and haven’t yet figured out what to do with them, but that should all change right away, too. You may expect your next newsletter to look much different.

Lastly, let me resort to the crass and make an unabashed plea for your financial support. This lawsuit has been a serious financial drain, but it was crucial that it be fought. Absent our win there, the effective grassroots voice in government from the counties to the state and the halls of Congress would have been greatly diminished. And now that it is largely concluded, we still owe a not-so-small fortune to our attorneys, who have been very patient in the face of our paucity. We would dearly love to get them paid off, as they so well deserve. So please, open your hearts and checkbooks, and give us a little help. You can donate on the website, or you can send a check to: Constitution Party of Utah, P. O. Box 1215, Bountiful, Utah 84010. Every nickel is needed and appreciated.
Bryce Hamilton