Don Blankenship


My life, like most of yours, has had its ups and downs. My father and my mom each worked 80 to 90 hours per week, which taught me to be independent at a very early age.

As the saying goes, we were poor but didn’t know it. We had an outhouse that was nicer than the one most of our neighbors had. We always had shoes. My mom was a McCoy, although not directly related to those who feuded with the Hatfield’s in the hills of Kentucky where I was born.

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Scott Bradley
Darrell Castle

Daniel clyde cummings

Jeffrey l. ostler

State Auditor

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Scott Bradley
Richard Proctor

Richard proctor

State Treasurer

Resides in Kaysville, Utah
Ran for State Auditor in 2008 and 2012 and for Treasurer in 2016
A Constitutional Party Member for over 14 years

Major Goal: Get our country back in line with the Constitution

My personal philosophy is:

  • I believe abortion is America's national holocaust.
  • I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • I believe the federal government is bound to the limited duties of the Constitution.
  • I believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms of any type.
  • I fully support State sovereignty.

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Sherry Phipps

State House, District 1 (Multi-County)

I'm Sherry Phipps. I'm running on the Constitution Party. My husband, Lee, and I moved to Brigham City in 1984 where we raised our two sons. I'm running for office because our Constitution is in peril.

In 2015 our state legislature issued an application to Congress for a Constitutional Convention to obtain a Balanced Budget Amendment. Many experts have stated they do not believe a convention can be limited to a single amendment. Among these is Rex Lee when he was president of Brigham Young University. No one knows for certain, but it is not worth putting our entire Constitution at risk for this amendment. One of my primary goals is to rescind Utah's call for a convention. The National Association for Gun Rights is opposed to a convention because it puts the second amendment at risk.

As a representative, I will work hard to bring state government back to its proper role of protecting our God-given rights of life,  liberty, and property:

  • Life begins at conception.
  • Liberty - People are free to conduct their own affairs as long as they don't infringe on other people's rights.
  • Property - Government should not redistribute the wealth.

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Darrell Castle
State of Utah Seal

jeannette proctor

cameron dransfield

State House, District 19

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Scott Bradley
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Nishan Beglarian

State House, District 36

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Russ Hatch

State House, District 58

Hatch and his wife are residents of Manti where they have lived for the past three years. They are both retired but are involved in various community and church activities.

Hatch graduated from the University of Utah in political science and spent five years on active duty in the United States Army. He has been associated with the Constitution Party since 2006 and has been involved in political functions at the local, county, state and national levels.

He supports the platform of the Constitution Party and finds that these principles are most representative of traditional American values.

“Although I have not held any previous political office, I feel that any citizen should be able to participate,” Hatch said. “I see the measure of effectiveness is not in how much legislation is passed, but what is its result and does it contribute to the pursuit of liberty or reduce it according
to Constitutional principles.

“As a Constitution Party candidate, I have already signed a statement of intent to uphold Constitution Party principles and platform and will be held accountable to it. I am committed to the communities of this district. Issues should be focused on our district and our relationship to the state of Utah. I will ensure that the citizenry in our district are fully represented in the Utah
State Legislature.”

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Scott Bradley
Darrell Castle

Kirk Pearson

State House, District 68

I was involved with the Republican Party for over 14 years. They wanted me to run for office several times but I had a family to raise and a business to run. As I stayed involved I realized that our 2 party system is flawed.

This time I was asked to run under the Constitution Party. The Constitution Party adheres to the laws and principles that made us the greatest country in the world. It’s still not a convenient time and probably never will be. I have come to realize that liberty is a 2 edge sword.  It provides us freedom but requires responsibility. I can’t keep complaining to our politicians and hoping someone good will get elected if I’m not willing to step up to the plate when others ask me to do the same.

Many people are frustrated with the candidate choices given to us by the 2 party systems.  The Constitution Party is growing. We have elected leaders throughout the state on county and city levels. We have to grow from the bottom up. It’s time to elect someone on the state level.  Join with us in building a brighter future.

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becky taylor

State School Board, District 12 (Multi-County)

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State of Utah Seal
State of Utah Seal

Jonathan Garrard

Tooele County Council, District 44

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Adam toone

Morgan County School Board

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