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It is my sincerest hope that there are none among the ranks of the Constitution Party who are recommending that we pursue a convention of the states. It appears to me that it would be an unmitigated disaster. It is Article 5 in the Constitution that talks about the amendment process and constitutional conventions. It is only one paragraph, and though it says that a convention may be called by the application of 2/3 of the states legislatures, that is about the sum total of what it says about a convention. There are absolutely no ground rules given. The...

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by Joel Skousen, World Affairs Brief Twenty-seven states have an active petition before Congress calling for an Article V convention to amend the constitution. All are aiming at a Balanced Budget Amendment. Popular conservative radio talk show commentator Mark Levin is at the forefront calling for a convention. Texas governor Gregg Abbott is joining in the call, but for a much larger agenda ( The plan lays out nine specific proposed amendments that would: Prohibit congress from regulating activity that occurs wholly within one state. Require Congress to balance its budget. Prohibit administrative agencies from creating federal law. Prohibit...

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Welcome to the new Constitution Party of Utah website!

Welcome to the Constitution Party of Utah. This is the new home for the Constitution Party of Utah’s website. Here you will find our events going on. Articles about subjects that the party stands for. News and comments on what is going on in the world that are attacking our freedoms. Come and join us in protecting our God given rights which is protected by the Constitution of the United States. We welcome your input, your participation, and votes. Sincerely, The Constitution Party of Utah...

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